On mobile, you don't see (well) the project you create a task into


When you are using the mobile app, and especially the force push feature on iOS to create a task, that opens up the app and gives you a creation form. Fine. Only problem is: if you were inside a project before, then this task will be created inside the project. There are only two ways to anticipate: expand the form to see the full form (extra click) or try to understand what is shown behind the form (extra energy).



Hi @Bastien_Siebman, great questions!

I’ve just tried to reproduce the issue you’re describing, and here is what I’m seeing:

  • When I create a new task from the Quick add within the iOS app, I can clearly see where the task is being created. In the example below, I was looking at my My Tasks, but I’ve observed the same behavior when I looked at a specific project.

  • When creating a task using the the force push feature, tasks are automatically created in “My Tasks” (See screenshots below:

If you’re observing something different on your end, could you please share some screenshots and let me know what version of iOS and version of the Asana app you’re using?

Many thanks !



This is exactly my point, no, not for me. It gets created in the currently opened project. That you can see behind, yes, but I thought it was not super easy to see. Nevermind :slight_smile:



Got it @Bastien_Siebman, since this is not a bug I’m moving it to #productfeedback.

Thank you!

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Actually, if you have a task opened in the app before using the force touch, you don’t see the project you are creating the task in at all. And if like me you have several organization, this is even more complicated :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi @Bastien_Siebman – this is on our radar on the product team to improve! Would you be willing to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Thanks for reporting your experience :slight_smile:

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