On assigning a task - all members of my Asana can be seen - not just project members.

My projects are my clients and now my clients can see all other client names when assigning tasks.

Although they are not members they can assign tasks to them!

Welcome to the Forum @Michelle_Poole1 and thank you for reaching out!

I can confirm this is not a Bug but rather the current behaviour. As it stands, it is not possible to limit the option of Assignees to only project members.

Just to let you know, there is an existing thread regarding this topic in the #productfeedback category. I would encourage you to cast your vote: Limiting what users show up as Assignee options for tasks

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with Michelle! Have a nice day!

Thank you Natalia

I’ve been using Asana for many years now and have not seen this ‘feature’ before.

It is a breach of GDPR as my clients can now see who my other clients are!

I believe I will have to move away from Asana is this is not fixed. I really don’t seem the benefit of having a team – or inviting access to people if others can see without such an invitation.

Take care


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