OKR Tracking in Asana

Thanks, @Jack_B; I just PM’ed you. --Larry

Thanks very much for your help. I appreciate it!

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Hey Larry, I am interested.
Could you PM me? Is there any way to see all OKRs in a mindmap views?

Hi @Derek_Chan, I’ve just PM’ed you here in the Forum, and yes, you could potentially see OKRs in a mindmap view.



Hi Larry, we’re a small, scrappy social enterprise in Haiti and we’re in the process of implementing OKRs across the org. I’d be interested in learning more about your solution. Thanks. @Keith_Cobell

Thanks, @Keith_Cobell; I’ve just PM’ed you here. --Larry

Hi Larry, also interested in your very popular solution :slight_smile:

Thanks, @rich9; just sent you a private message here. --Larry

Hi @lpb , also interested in your very popular solution :slight_smile:

Hello Larry -

I’m also interested in your OKR solution for Asana.

Much appreciated!

Welcome, @Alexander_Xydas and @Dylan_A! I’ve just PM’ed each of you here. Thanks!

Larry, I am interested in your OKR solution too. -John

Thanks, @Johnny_Beast, I just sent you a PM. --Larry

Hi Larry,

Thank you for the insightful posts here. I just made a new account with Asana - so it seems I don’t have private message privileges yet. I think you are describing exactly what I’m after, so I’ll make a quick summary here:

  • We have a process flow established for all of our projects - it is the same in every case.
  • My main purpose for using PM software is to offer visibility of all projects to the group.
  • I want something like Kanban, but for all projects - so the idea of a summary board visually showing each project in the column that corresponds to it’s current status seems like exactly what I want.
  • That said, I don’t really need the granular detail in each sub-project, so it’s tempting to keep them as tasks containing the basic project details, and then people are responsible for their own columns to move the project along.

Could you help me understand the best way for me to work in Asana?

Welcome, @Anthony_Palumbo,

I think what you’ve laid out sounds reasonable given your needs; A single Asana project in Board view with a task for each project.

For more assistance, please see my website and contact me at Contact Trilogi.



Hi Larry,

Thanks for the quick reply and sage advice!

This will be a good start for our group… and I’m sure we’ll be in touch when the rest of the company decides they want in…


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Hey larry, Also interested in the OKR setup for Asana. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tamaryn

Welcome, @Tamaryn_de_Kock. I’ve just sent you private message here in the forum. If you have any trouble accessing that, just leave a quick note for me at Contact Trilogi and I’ll reply by email.



Hi Larry,

I would also be interested in your solution for OKR tracking with a Premium account.


Thanks, @Jessica_Hutchinson, I just sent you a private message here. --Larry

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