Office 365 "" email to task:error "Did not recognize ""

Here is my goal. Have a generic email address within Office 365, that anyone in my organization can send to, and have that email thrown into a new task. Basic Support Ticket application. I have the email to task part down.

I can do this generic email address either as an Alias or a Distribution list. Currently, it is as a Distribution list, with the Asana task email as part of that list, as well as two email addresses of people who need to see these emails immediately. This works, does everything I need, sets up the new task, but afterwards, Asana sends an email:
*Your task was successfully created in Asana, but we’re sending you this email because someone you listed in the To: or CC: field in your email is not a member of the Organization, Workspace, or project to which you’re sending.

As an Alias, (with a rule to forward the email to to the Asana task address) does not work as Office 365 replaces the Alias with the primary address, and my rule does not see the email as coming to but

So the questions is, how do I set up a generic address for my organization to use to send email that ends up as a task without generating errors?


Welcome to the Forum @Phil_Smith2 and thank you for reaching out!

That is a great question. In order to avoid getting errors when emailing a task, you need to make sure all email addresses added in the email (including those in CC) have been added to Asana.

I hope this helps Phil but please let me know if you have any follow-up question! Have a great week!

Does that email address need a separate paid license?

Apologies here @Phil_Smith2 but I’m not sure to understand your question. Which email address are you referring to?

Looking forward to your reply!

OK. Let’s start over. I want you to send an email to supportATmydomain. I want that email forwarded to myself, my assistant, and my Asana Support project. I have that currently. SupportATmydomain is a distribution list. On that list is myself, my assistant, and the Asana Project. It all works, but whoever sends that email gets a message from Asana complaining about one of the addresses, which is supportATYmydomain. I am assuming that this is the address that you say needs to be added to Asana, as anyone who will be using that address is already in Asana as a licence user. This Support is not a licensed user, and will never do anything in Asana, it just forwards email. Since it is in my domain, will I need to pay for that as a separate license to add it to Asana?