Offer (for Premium and above) a new rule "Start/Due date is approaching . . ." to trigger based on the earlier of Start date or Due date

Yeah, my use case is I want. I’m hoping to use the start date as a trigger for rules. "When start date is past, CHECK IF progress field is “not started”, THEN set “status” field to “behind” AND comment “Start date for this task has past, please update.”

I already have another rule that’s "WHEN task is overdue 1 day after, THEN set “status” field to overdue AND comment “this task is overdue.”

Hi everyone, we just started to roll out the new start date is approaching trigger for rules in addition to the existing due date is approaching and date field changed trigger.

This enables powerful new rule-based workflows, for example: When a task is ready for work to begin, move it to a new section and assign it to me.

Please note, this rule doesn’t trigger when both Start date and Due date is approaching. If you need the rule to trigger for both cases, you would need to create two separate rules.

If you want additional triggers based on Date fields, you can upvote for this request: Date is approaching rule trigger for Date fields

Feel free to reach out via the Tips and Tricks category if you have any questions!


:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: omg! omg! omg! It’s happening! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:
After the looooooooooooong wait, fhis feels like birthday and Christmas at the same time.
Thank you for (finally) rolling this out , dear Asana Crew!


@Emily_Roman – first of all… AWESOME update! Please pass along my gratitude to the team.

If we create a rule based on start date, do tasks that only have a due date also get triggered?

No, @Bryan_TeamKickstart, I can confirm. Do vote at the top of this thread for that feature, if you haven’t already.

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I’ve created the following task, but it only partially worked. All the tasks that have a due date of today were moved correctly. All Tasks with a start day of today haven’t been moved at all.

Are you asking a question or just reaffirming the request in my OP? I can comment after your reply, and if you translate your rule to English.



Im basically having a rule with two triggers: „start date approaching: today“ and „due date approaching:today“ and an action „move to section: today“

While both triggers are combined with a logical „OR“.

From my understand of the new feature and rules, this rule should do exactly what is requested in the original post, but it doesn’t for tasks who’s start date is approaching.

Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, I agree with you, and I have several rules set up like this for the past few weeks and my tests showed that they were working as you expected.

If you’re sure they’re not working for you, Try these troubleshooting steps, then please create a support ticket: see How to contact our Support Team.