Offboarding Employees

I am currently offboarding an employee and cannot find a way to easily transfer her projects to another user. It would be nice to be able to easily find the projects she owns and blanket transfer them to another user. Or be able to assign her account to a new employee and transfer it that way. Am I just missing it? Because it seems like I have to do it manually.

Did you already have a look at Depending on your Asana plan, the user tasks will remain intact in a dedicated project. And I guess project he owned will be owner-less… @Marie can you confirm?

Hi @Stephanie10 :wave:t3:

If you have a premium account, as soon as you deprovision a user, a private project containing all their tasks will be automatically sent to the Admin of your Org; you can learn more in this handy article:

If you haven’t deprovisioned this user yet, I’d recommend using the Advanced Search to gather all tasks assigned to this person; you can then multi-select all tasks and reassign them to their new owner!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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