Object Type - Meeting



Organizing Meetings in Asana can be improved. I have researched other topics about this - most of them are talking about setting up Projects for meetings, or showing meeting task in multiple project calendars. None of these are working for My Tasks view. In our company, meetings are not big enough to be projects. Meetings are just tasks of specific project (around which this meeting is held). So, if I’d like to create meeting tasks and assign it to multiple people I only have “Assign to multiple people” issue which does not work very well for Meetings - time can change, collaboration can happen before meeting and splitting tasks to individuals is not great for that.

Currently there are three object types: 1) Task 2) Conversation 3) Project. Maybe there should be fourth, called “Meetings”?

Like in Outlook:

I understand that trying to do everything for everyone might clutter UX and you’re trying really hard to provide all the possibilities within existing features and workarounds, but I don’t see any viable features for easily managing Meetings yet.