Number of options in one Custom field is limited?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to ask about this - is the number of choices I can use in a single Custom field limited?

For example, I work with John, Maria and Dean, and when the task is assigned to one of them, I pick their name from the Dropdown menu - in my Custom fields, names are choices.
I find this very valuable because I can use the Search later to see in how many tasks was the certain person involved; I can track it easily, because the task won’t be assigned to that person forever (for example, when it’s done, the task is unassigned).

Today I wanted to add a new choice in the field, but couldn’t do it. I’ve checked it out - I have 47 choices in that Custom field, and the only way to add more would be to delete some that are already in.

I assume there isn’t something I can do to change this? Plus that number is very specific, it’s not like it’s 50. :slight_smile:

Hi @Ivan_Arsenov,

The maximum number of values for a drop-down custom field is indeed 50, as you can see here:

I’m thinking the reason you’re maxed out at 47 is somehow due to deleted values. For example, if you assign a value to a task and then delete that value from the list, the task will still retain the value; in that case, it’s pretty likely to still be taking up one of those 50 slots.

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Thanks Phil!
When you explained, I remembered that I have removed a few before, and that must be the reason why there was 47 when I counted today. Thanks for pointing out the fact that the task will still keep the value, I’ll have to do some cleaning-up. :wink:

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