Number formatting of "estimated time" in charts in hours instead of days

Hi @Metanoia , great suggestion and completely makes sense to see the time format in hours without days so you have my vote!

However, I would suggest, until the Time Tracking feature fully rolls out over the coming months and the Asana team work out some issues already flagged, is to simply use a number-type field, customised to show ‘hrs’. This will give you the summation that you are looking for in your reporting and dashboards.

Here is an example below (make sure you add it to your custom fields library)

Having suggested the above, I should stress that you should prepare to (likely manually) migrate your values if you want to keep using these projects in the event you want to move to using the native time tracking feature in them. In other words, if these projects are NOT long term, then I would follow my suggestion using a number field for the time being.

Otherwise, we will all just have to sit tight, as I’m sure the Asana team are hard at work at getting this promising feature fully rolled-out whilst taking into account all suggestions in the forum.