Number (count) of task under a Section

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We recently started tracking new leads coming in from various lead capture in Asana and have created multiple sections to track the progress of lead from new to Sales.

One thing that bothers me from a managerial perspective (i like numbers) is that I do not have at a glace how many tasks (leads) are in each section. I’d like to do an easy compare, maybe write down numbers daily and monitor progress. I know there is a total count in Progress, but in this instance it does not help me much.

it seems to me it would be easy to add the task count per section after the name or at the top of the Board. So I’m thinking it must be there, I just need to turn it on. if not, I will move this to a feature request post.

Looking forward to read what the rest of the community thinks. lots of reporting ideas stemming from this in my head. :thought_balloon:


@Jonathan_Stern, does the display option to “show task row numbers” do the trick for you? Enable this from within: My Profile Settings > Display > Advanced Options

Hi @Jerod_Hillard, this could work if the count was inverted allowing me to just read the first line :smile:

One of the Sections has 60 tasks in it, so there is scrolling involved. I have 8 different sections, I think it would be great to have an overall view where I could collapse all sections and see where I stood (in terms of numbers)
Furthermore in board view, there is no row count so it does not help there.

See below sample of what I had in mind. and the count would match your view setting (incomplete/complete/all)


Hi @Jonathan_Stern and @Jerod_Hillard :wave:t3:

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but you haven’t yet, I’d recommend upvoting Show number of underlying tasks in Board columns!

Thanks @Marie, I did try and look for one that particular thread! :slight_smile:

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