Now rolling out to Asana users - our new project header!

Hi @Jonas_O, @Ben_Brenner & @Lena_Masek_Roberson

The “Save view for everyone” is still available. If you click on the chevron next to the project name you will see “Save layout as default”.

Hope this helps.



Great! Thanks! :blush:

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No worries @Jonas_O.

Love the new way we can sort and filter. That’s going to be a big help.

One thing I would love to see added to this, is “sort” and “group” being separate. So I may want to group by “x” and then sort by “y.”

Also, not sure why sorting doesn’t include some other options like it does in the advanced search, like:
“creation date” “modification date” etc.


Great new feature!! Is there a way to save different filter views? (as in save multiple different views)

Is this still rolling out or I am not seeing it because we are only Premium user?

Hey @dSek, sorry about the confusion this is indeed still rolling out!

Once this has been rolled out to everyone I will make sure to comment on this thread to let everyone know, thank you for your patience.

Hey @Sandy_Friedman, @Timothy_Starkey, @Jill_Schoff, @Ben_Brenner, @Lena_Masek_Roberson and @Francesco_Alessi!

Sorry for not getting back to you all sooner, I would just like to take a moment to thank all of you for sharing your feedback and sincere apologies for the inconvenience this may be causing you.

I will make sure to escalate all mentioned pain points to our team so hopefully, we can come up with solutions for everything in the future!

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Hey @Tim_Jasper, thanks for your feedback!

As of now, it is not possible to save multiple views in one project but I can see how this could be very helpful. I would highly recommend creating a thread in the #productfeedback category for our team to consider it in the future!

Hope this helps, have a great Tuesday :sparkles:

Thanks @Edda. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but filtering by multiple values would be good too.

@kbuchanio I agree. Filtering out complete tasks for example!!

Great :slight_smile:

Thanks @Jason_Woods, as always, a life saver. But @Marie I have to say this was not an obvious change - it has moved completely away from it’s original spot and not to an intuitive place! It certainly wasn’t obvious in the Asana Guide info the first post directed us to I couldn’t see any reference to this in the section on View thank goodness for the forum as I was pulling my hair out!


Hey @Ruth_Newnham, thank you for your feedback and my apologies for any hassle caused!

From what I can see you can see the “Save layout as default” option under the Project actions layout section of the Guide article but I do understand that this could be made clearer.

Again my apologies, I have escalated your feedback to our team to review and have also requested for this Guide article to be updated!


Thanks @Edda - I think it is also as this feature is now named differently - ‘Save Layout as default’ didn’t immediately equate to the old ‘save view for everyone’ not sure why, maybe its just me !


Any update when this will finish rolling out? Some of my new users have this view, but I as admin / senior internal ambassador for Asana do not. Wish it was consistently deployed across companies…

Hey @Ben_Brenner, I understand what you mean and would like to apologize for any hassle caused. Once this has been rolled out to 100% I will post an update on this thread!

Thanks @Edda

I understand the concept of staggered deployment in case there are any issues discovered, but I think it should at least keep users on the same domain in the same release window. That’s my suggestion for the dev team.

@Ben_Brenner, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I completely understand your point and have made sure to forward your suggestion with regards to this process to our Product Team. Once I know more about the status of this update I will comment on this thread to let you know!

Hmm… I’ve received a message “There’s a new version of Asana. Please log in to restart.” and have done that and still don’t see the project header update. Is it common for rollouts to be announced and still not completed 8 weeks later?

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