Now introducing Variables in Rules

Excellent. Thank you for your help. Flowsana has been very very useful.

I’ve been curious, does Flowsana continue to add new features?

You bet! We’re just about to release a few admin things to make billing more transparent, and are working on support for multi-select, people, and date custom fields. (We’re also working on a place where customers can submit and vote on feature ideas!)


This is awesome, however I would love to see this implemented a little further. For example It would be nice if you could do this with subtask titles like in the screenshot attached. Even further it would be great if it would work with subtask fields, to fill in the info from the parent card.

I currently do some of this with flowsana, but its not perfect and requires me to have tasks with subtasks to copy from, and my team constantly messes up and edits/deletes the reference task that flowsana uses.


Yikes! You can make the “reference library” project hidden - it only needs to be accessible to the Asana account that’s connected to Flowsana.

This is a great feature! In my organization, we also use Asana as an IT ticketing system, so this is a life saver!

Are you able to hide it, and have flowsana put the newly created subtask in a certain section of a project?

I have messed around with it and havent been able to get Flowsana to make the subtask AND put it into a certain section without the reference task being in that section. I attached a screenshot of how I currently have this working, as long as that reference task is in that section all the newly created subtasks appear there… until someone marks it complete or deletes it LOL


This is awesome! If a task is triggered by a form submission, and our form is set to be for those within our organization only, will the “task creator” variable alert the person who submitted the form? :slight_smile:

Hi @Jake_Truax best to follow up via email with; I don’t want usurp the Asana forum with too much detailed Flowsana Q&A. Thanks!


I have the same need. Having the ability to auto-assign subtasks to the assignee of the parent task would be very helpful.


Yes please please please please! The possibility to add the variables in the title subtask could be something really helpful.
@Marie @Hannah_Lee please keep up updated, thank you.

Will the possibility of these be added to other integrated actions in future?

E.g if I was to use the Google send email integration could I add @assignee to the “To” field.

Or in the Body of the email, refer to other things which are in the Asana comment method that will just add those words in to the email?


Rules in title would be very useful for the “Create Task” action.

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I don’t understand where you find this RULE Workflow for the assignee

Hi folks,

I’ve some exciting updates to share. :drum: Later today, we will begin rolling out more options for integrating variables into Rules :drum: Curious to learn more? Continue reading below!

Tasks assignee

Tasks generated from an (org-only) form, can get automatically assigned automatically to their creator (= form submitter). Please note that for this variable to work, you will need the “add form submitter as a collaborator” option turned on.

GiF Assignee

Variables available:

  • Task creator: User who created the task
  • Assignee: User assigned to the trigger task
  • Rule triggerer: User who triggers this rule

Subtasks due dates

Today, you can automatically create a set of subtasks with rules. With this update, you will be able to set a relative due date for these subtasks based on the due date of the triggering task. Please note that only the first layer of subtasks will be supported

Gif Subtasks

Variables available:

  • Trigger time: The time this rule is triggered
  • Start date: The start date of the trigger task
  • Due-date: The due date of the trigger task
  • Creation time: When the trigger task was created

Please note that we’re gradually rolling out this update, if you’re not seeing it today, it will become available to you in the next few days.


Very helpful. Will this feature be added to the Flowsana email creation template, too?

I will let @Phil_Seeman respond regarding Flowsana :slight_smile:

I think Dan_G was referring to this Flowsana rule action you can create in the Flowsana web portal:

There are a few new features announced here; can you say which one you’re asking about? Thanks!

Variables in rules, specifically in emails. Thanks.

Hi @Jim_McLaughlin,

Actually Flowsana already has variables in many places including email notifications - we’ve had them for a while and they’re more extensive than Asana’s :slight_smile: . See Variable Substitution in Flowsana.