Notifications in days vs. having the action date

Is there a setting in Asana that you can change so that you don’t see a request or comment was made “X days ago” but that you see an actual date? It’s troubling to not see the progression of a task/project without having to figure out what 14 days ago means. Is it ET, GMT, etc.

See screenshots below…


When you hover over the 7 days ago, it will give you exact date and time. But not by default.


Thank you!!! Wishing there was an option as some people really think in dates not days.


Big agree!

I feel like this should be something that could be captured in personal settings - like text size, tiles or list, background color, weekends showing or not…

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I will add my voice to this one. It would be preferable if users had the option of always showing dates.

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