Notifications for other people's task

I just opened my app to 15 new notifications in my inbox. Not a single one was assigned to me. How can I turn off notifications that don’t apply to me? I really don’t need to see what tasks are being allocated to someone whose tasks really don’t relate to my own. it’s really annoying!

Have a look at the project notification settings of the said projects. (Sorry i am on my phone i can’t check the exact location and wording)

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You are most likely listed as a collaborator on that task or you could possibly be on a template of a project that is being used to create new projects in your workspace. You will see your profile pic at the top of a template next to the share button. If that’s the case you can remove yourself from the template so anytime it gets replicated you won’t be on future projects that you don’t need to be. If this is individual tasks you have been added as a collaborator and can remove yourself by entering the tasks and you can remove yourself as a collaborator (down by the comment section). You can also check your notification settings. I find an email once a day + the browser notifications works for me. I hope that helps.



Thanks Katie for the thorough response!


wow, this is comprehensive! thank you! I’ll go thru these steps and hopefully it’ll help.


Here is the screenshot @Bastien_Siebman

You should uncheck the “Tasks added” so that you’re not notified each time a task is added to the project.
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