Notifications For Collaborators

Are collaborators notified of past due task?

Collaborators are not notified, like with a notice in their Inbox. You could do an Advanced Search for any Task with you as a Collaborator, and with a Due Date in the past. Then you could see all such Tasks at anytime. That would be my work-around if I needed this.

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Thank you. I was thinking I could also create a unique email address for each project and have all members use that email address and send all notifications to that email address so everyone would be able to see activity and past dues via email and the individual user would still receive the inbox notifications? Might that work if my goal is for everyone to know when something is past due? We can only assign a task to one person even though many on the team can perform that task. This is the first limitation that is creating the need for this proposed and your proposed work around

@Aram_Homampour I would look at setting up an Advanced Search as suggest by Joel and then sharing that with everyone in the team. Which shows all the tasks past due.

If you introduce the common a email address you will be adding another system for them to go check.
You could make the link to the Advances Search as a reference task at the top of the project so it is always visible.

Hope this helps…



Thank you @Jason_Woods. I will try that as suggested by Joel and yourself with the link