Notifications for all team members of replies to team conversations


When I create a team conversation, everyone on the team is automatically notified. This is good.

However, when someone on the team replies to the conversation, no one except the conversation creator (or anyone who is manually @mentioned) is notified.

How can we set asana to automatically notify all team members of replies to all-team conversations?



Thanks for the feedback and great suggestion, @Zachary_Goldman.

The notification structure is set this way to prevent too much noise for those who don’t need additional updates about a conversation so it errs on the side of allowing folks to opt in for updates.

If you want other teammates to get notifications about additional comments to a conversation, you can always add them as conversation followers. Unfortunately, there’s no way to automatically add them as followers unless you @mention them in the post, but we’ll note this for the team to consider for future development.


I would just like to add a vote for setting “all members get all replies of all convos” – perhaps as a setting?

  1. We have a small team, and many aren’t convinced by Asana yet, especially because they get a notification of a new conversation, then don’t get any more, thinking that nobody is actually using the program.

  2. As a supervisor, I need to be aware of what is being discussed and what progress is being done. To add myself to EVERY conversation that gets started is tedious and a non-starter.



Interesting to note that the blog post announcing team conversations is titled: “Ditch the distribution list” but by not being able to passively get all replies to a conversation, it means we’ll have to keep using email.


I can certainly see value in adding reply all as a check-box option, but I wouldn’t want to see it as default, precisely for the reason @Kaitie highlighted. As my team (hopefully) starts to use Asana more and Outlook less, I wouldn’t want to go back to receiving tons of irrelevant notifications.

The option would probably be useful, though.


I would like to add my vote to a “reply to all” option.

We are a small non profit organization and we use conversations to discuss issues with our Board of Directors (who are “guests” in Asana). For conversations that don’t involve staff, we have a private Board of Directors project where all Board members need to way in on issues and see everyone’s replies. It’s impossible to manage a Board of Directors so that they remember to cc all 7-10 members every single time they reply to an issue requiring Board input. In Basecamp (which we are transitioning from) there were “include all” and “exclude all” checkbox options that were very useful.

OR does anyone have a better suggestion for how to manage these conversations other than using email?