Notifications for all activity across all projects?


Asana newbie here! We are trialling Asana and need to know if it provides this functionality:

Members of our team need the ability to view all activity across all projects - is it possible to achieve this in Asana? Similar to Basecamp’s activity feed which posts snippets of activity across all projects, inc comments, To-Do’s, etc

Hi @Christina_McGuire

Not sure if exactly what you require is covered but have a look at this guide article.


Hi @Jason_Woods,

Thanks for that. I understand (but correct me if I’m wrong) that there is no overall activity stream - whether or not you are a member/collaborator. (I don’t mean a project stream - that would require clicking on every project to see what had been happening, which also wouldn’t provide timely updates.).

I can understand that many teams wouldn’t want this as it would be overwhelming, but we are less than 10 people, working remotely, and need to have oversight of activities others are doing.


@Christina_McGuire, Each user determines their own activity stream. If each of the 10 of you are Members of every project, then in each of your Asana Inboxes (and by default your email too) will receive notification when a task is added to any project, completed in any project, etc. To get more detailed notifications such as comment added to task, you’d need to be a Collaborator of the task.

Hope that helps interpret the Guide article.