Notification when someone removes a task from a project?

Recently someone accidentally removed a task from a project and no one could figure out where that task went. It was just hiding in their My Tasks, but it would have been great for the project owner to get a notification that a task was removed from their project.

Is this possible? If not, it would be a good feature to add.

Hi @Justine_D!

This is interesting but may just be a settings issue. I’m curious how the task was moved without detection? Was it unassigned from the original owner, then reassigned to the person who had it in their My Tasks list? Was it copied to another project then removed from the original? Several possible scenarios! :slight_smile:

Depending on your notification settings you and/or project/task owner, should at least receive an email when a task is moved, reassigned, etc. You would have to be following the task as a collaborator if you did not originally create/assign it.

If you have the Business version of Asana, you can run reports to show tasks in various stages (ie: complete, incomplete, overdue, etc.) to locate any tasks that may be missing.

Or, in the main search box type “tasks”. This will return a list of every task across all projects, should this happen again :wink:


Let me begin with - this has happened to me and for MULTIPLE tasks at once! :scream: I almost had a heart attack! It does not notify collaborators when a task is removed from a project, or when people are removed either, only if something is assigned to you.

I don’t know of a way to set alerts for tasks being removed from projects, but there is a way to search for tasks that are not assigned to projects.

You can go to Advanced Search and under “In projects” you type “No Project” and it will pull up any tasks not in a project. Unfortunately a report cannot be made for that at this point, but you can always save the search or set a reminder to look periodically.


You can’t really be notified about this indeed… and apparently none of the biggest automation tool have that trigger The Asana automation bible: all the triggers and actions from Asana, Zapier, Flowsana, Integromat & Automate


Hi @Justine_D and @Brandi_White,

This section on Asana Guide lists all cases when we receive “Activity” notifications, and “moving a task from/to a project” is not in the list. We don’t receive notifications even when the task has been deleted.

I agree it’s sometimes risky, so I hope there will be an easy way to detect such changes. The tips from @Kelly_Mooney and @Bastien_Siebman are insightful!