Notification when someone put a tag on a task



We really like Asana and it´s features!
One thing we keep having issues with tho is that some members of our team put tags on tasks like for example “check this” or “fixed please review”.
When those tags are added we don´t get notified and nothing pops up in the Inbox.
Everyone has been told to also put a comment on the task to create the notification but often it´s forgotten and time goes before we see the tag.

Is there a way to activate notifications on tags?




One of the easiest ways to misuse Asana is to make assumptions about what does and doesn’t generate a notification.

The best solution for this and other possible issues that could arise from similar misunderstandings is make sure everyone on the team understands what does and doesn’t create notifications, and to have guidelines on how your team will use Asana.

In general it’s best practice for a team using Asana (or any tool):

  1. Understand how Asana works.
    • this will avoid mistakes caused by user assumptions or misunderstandings
  2. Create some team guidelines
    • as simple and user friendly as possible
  3. Educate the team on 1. and 2.
  4. Watch for user mistakes and help correct them.
    • This is the hard part. As long as there are users there will be errors. Expect them to occur, watch for them, and remind users of 1. and 2. as often as needed. New habits take time.