Notification when Inbox is clear


Hi! Just wanted to ask a question. Is it possible for us to be notified when our team members inbox is clear?



Hi Myreen,

Thanks for posting in our Community! At this time it is not possible to be notified when another team member’s inbox is clear. Can I ask what would be useful to you about this functionality?

In the meantime, if you’d like to know when someone else’s inbox is clear, I have a few suggestions for you.

  • Create a daily recurring task, assign it to the team member. Create a convention amongst you where the team member checks off the task when their inbox is empty, then the task will simply repeat each day.
  • Create a standing task with you and the team member as a follower. Ask the team member to leave a comment every time they clear their inbox…I’ll say that this option seems rather cumbersome, but perhaps it would fit your use case.