Notification When Channel is Chosen

I’m hoping this is something that can be done, and I’m not entirely sure how to ask the question! We have owners of certain channels, and I was wondering if, when a certain channel is selected for a task, the owner of that channel can get a notification.

For example, say Samantha owns our Dog Food Channel and Jeremy owns our Cat Food channel. If we decide to post an Instagram story about Dog Food and create the tasks, and we select the Dog Food channel, can Samantha get an email letting her know that her channel was chosen?

Does that make sense? Thank you all!


Any member of a project (e.g., Dog Food Channel project) will get a notification when a new task is added to that project. So multi-homing (adding the task to another project) will accomplish what you’re asking.

If on a paid plan and you create a Channel custom field as a dropdown with values Dog Food and Cat Food, any task followers can be notified when the value changes, as per, but I think the project approach above better suits your case.

Hope that helps,


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Notifications are typically established when people are initially added to the project. If you look at the project, on the top right-hand side of the screen, click the “Share” button, and then select manage notifications. This applies to the entire project, so keep that in mind.

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