Notification on Due dates/ Read Receipts

Asana has worked great distributing tasks around our office and ensuring they get done. After about 2 months of use I noticed a few easy things that could be added which would improve the functionality of the application.

  1. Addition of Due Dates/ Past Due tasks. I often assign a task to a worker of mine and will assign a due date on the material to ensure they get the work done. It would be a great function for both the assignee and assignor to get a notification if the task wasn’t completed or is near due date. We often have tasks that push past their due dates without either party getting a notification.

  2. Tasks read receipt. It would also be a great addition to enable a read receipt for the assignor that creates a task for the assignee. We often get the excuse that the task was not completed because the assignee didn’t see they were assigned a task. The feature would be similar to how read receipts work on any email service.

Thank you for your time,
Paul Ventura Jr.
State-wide HVAC

I agree with you Paul. I too would see a benefit from these features being added into Asana.