Notification Levels and Settings



Hello All,

I have a scenario wherein I want to manage the notifications to slack. So I want only ‘Task Creation’ notification to be popped up in the respective slack channel and nothing else. Basically when I change the owner or complete the task I dont want it to be notified in the slack channel. Is there a way to do this?



Hi @atul.anvekar

At the moment you are unable to customize the types of notifications that come in from Asana. You either receive the following notifications of activity in your Asana or you don’t.

Since this was asked in a previous, I’m going to merge this with an existing thread with lots of good tips (check them out above :point_up:) on how to minimize your inbox noise, though ultimately, you are unable to customize which notifications you receive the way you’d like. Hope their tips help int he mean time!


Hi @Michael_A, Thanks for your quick response. I will go through the thread and look for things that I can use.



I agree there needs to be more granularity in managing Asana notifications generally.

For a start, being able to NOT get them on the weekends would be wonderful - or not when you are on vacation…


Agree! Please make notification settings more customizable. This would really help my team.


I second the requests for more customization. I would like to get notifications when someone “calls me out” versus the too broad choices currently.

I also would like to request that you can turn off inbox notifications for your own completed objects. If I complete a task, I don’t also need to know about it in my inbox. This feature actually renders my inbox unusable.


I have the same issue with too many notifications. Until those notifications might or might not be more customizable, how do you deal with the emails in your outlook? Did you manage to create a rule to put them into one folder?
It is impossible for me to even set a rule on the notifications as the sender email address varies all the time. My inbox is a mess with all those notifications.


I am looking for an email setting that only sends an email when the person (@someone) is mentioned in the task comments. Is that possible?


Hi @Preston and apologies for the late follow-up! As it stands, it is not possible to customize email notifications to only receive an email notification when being @mentioned. You can vote for this feature on this thread :point_down:

I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the thread above to gather all feedback, hope that’s ok! :wink:


I agree this is a HUGE problem to my rolling out my team in Asana!


I totally agree. Unfotunately it seems to me that this is a large part of why our team hasn’t really embraced Asana and therefore it has been laying pretty much unused for most users. It’s kind of like the boy who cried wolf, when they get so many notifications that are not really important/necessary/relevant then they just start ignoring them all because they don’t have time to wade through them to find the important/relevant ones… unfortunately that means they also miss the important ones. So most of them have just given up and gone back to their old unreliable ways of managing tasks(to do lists, pieces of paper, post its, etc) and they literally never open Asana. I’ve been holding out and hoping that Asana will offer more granular notification options soon so that I can then start pushing it as a solution because I think it could really benefit us but at the moment this issue is quite a deal breaker in trying to get users to persevere with it. Unfortunately I fear that eventually the boss will decide it’s a waste of money and cancel our subscription.


Agree that the way it is currently setup is ridiculous.

Invite a new user to a project, instant email spam until they figure out how to turn off ALL notifications.

This is literally the very first impression many users will have.

Big time fail.