Notice - RFP for Asana Consultant for USA Charity now open (closes August 20)

Board of Child Care’s (BCC) Chief Operating Officer is seeking an Asana consultant for an August/September 2020 engagement with 1:1 monthly coaching thereafter (at least through the rest of 2020). The COO hopes to decide on consultant by Monday, August 24 with work to begin thereafter. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis.

BCC is a medium-size not-for-profit organization (850 employees, $45 million annual budget) serving children and families across the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. Program Overview

A full description of the scope and outline of desired deliverables is available here.

Applications are due by Thursday, August 20. Please see the link above for instructions on how to apply.


Hi there,

The best way to find the right candidate is by doing the outreach directly to our list of Asana Certified Pros here:

I hope this helps! Have a great week, Kristian!

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I applied for the position, hope to hear from you soon!


My name is Kenny Lemon and I am the PMO Director for an international NGO (180M annually) that uses 175 asana seats. While I’m not offering consulting services I am offering to connect from time to time to help out a fellow non-profit. We have been using asana for 3 years in 18 countries. message me directly for contact info.


Looking forward to hearing back, @Kristian_Sekse! Thanks for the opportunity.