Not Getting Subtasks Immediately After Duplication of a Task Via API

I’m trying to get all Subtasks from a Task which I’ve created by duplicating a task. Basically Immediately after duplication of the task if I make a request to the following path, I get 200 Response but with empty array… No data about subtasks!.. If I wait for a while and then make another request then I get all subtasks. what is the issue here.{task_gid}/subtasks

in the {task_gid} field I used my newly created task id :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Sajal_Sarkar,

After you initiate the duplication, are you grabbing the job_id from the response and then using it to repeatedly call the GET /jobs/{job_gid} endpoint until it tells you the job is finished? You’ll want to insure that the duplication job is finished before trying to query for objects being created by the job.


It worked :+1: Thanks @Phil_Seeman :slightly_smiling_face:

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