Not getting notified for @mentions

My users are reporting that they are not getting notified for all of their @mentions. The use case is that a user is not part of the project team, not a previous collaborator on a task, nor assigned to the task. However, when someone @mentions them, it goes into their Asana inbox, but they aren’t getting email notifications. Many of my users who mainly use their email notifications are worried they are missing a lot of communications because they aren’t getting emailed when they are @mentioned.

Can we ask to get the Activity list for the Asana Inbox: to match the Activity list for email notifications: ?

It would also be great if we can pick and choose which activities we get email notifications for in the list.


Thank you for reaching out @Tiara_Moske and apologies for the inconvenience here.

As it stands, if you have enabled your email notifications for Activity updates, you should receive an email notifying when somebody has @mentioned you in Asana. Please note that if you’re receiving multiple notifications, Asana will automatically batch them into a single email to avoid spamming your mail box.

Can you please confirm you have these notifications enabled?

If this is not the issue, I would recommend your colleague’s to contact our Support Team so they can take a closer look into your their account and assist them further.

I hope this helps Tiara! Looking forward to your reply!

Actually, we do have Activity updates checked under Email Notifications. But that’s not the problem. The problem is when a person is @ mentioned for the first time in a comment in a task they are not a follower of previously. They may get a notification in their Asana inbox, but not an email notification.

This is happening with increasing frequency. I’ve tried to find a workaround, in which I add the person as a follower to the task before I @ mention them in the comment. However, that seems like double work to get them to receive an email notification that the comment is addressed to them.

Just to keep an update in here in case anyone else has this issue. The problem is that emails from Asana to our users bounced for some reason and when that happens, all future emails from Asana are blocked. Asana Support has to go in and unblock the user’s emails so they can go through. This has fixed this issue for several users.

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Hi @Tiara_Moske and thank you for letting us know!

Glad to hear you were able to resolved this issue with our Support Team :slight_smile: