Not all tasks show under "My Tasks"


I am having trouble understanding how the “My Tasks” works. I have it to show incomplete tasks with “sort” set to none. My biggest problem is that for some reason it does not show all the tasks I have in my system. For example it does not show some tasks from Projects I have. I have read that this could be due to not having a due date, but I do have due dates for the missing tasks.

Thank you


Hi @sherpa5, having some screenshots of the tasks that aren’t being displayed as well as your My Tasks can help us troubleshoot. Posting screenshots is pretty easy as you can paste copied items directly into your post and the image will be hosted for you.

If you haven’t found the article on My Tasks, it might help:

If I had to guess, the tasks are either not assigned to you (only tasks assigned to you specifically will display in My Tasks) or they are assigned to an unexpected section that isn’t expanded. In the “Later” section the tasks are broken up by project and could need expanding.

Hopefully that helps.


Indeed looks like they are not assigned to you… Keep us posted!