Noobie set-up question re Workspace vs. Organization

Hi Asanaers!
So I’m just starting my set-up and haven’t found a definitive answer to my few parts question which is:

If I am an individual who intends to use Asana to manage my personal life, two personal small (aka just me and one or two others) businesses, and one or two other small businesses; would it be best to sign up with my personal gmail as a workspace or organization? Or with one of my business emails as a workspace or organization?

Do I set up the businesses I’d be managing as Organizations, Workspaces or Teams?

I am also an “employee” at one of the businesses I would be Asanaing for. So I have an email with that company.

And finally, If I want to manage all of these businesses and my personal stuff, am I the only one who needs a premium account if I want to take advantage of those benefits? Or do any and all team members working in those businesses need a premium account for themselves as well.

Long question I know! I appreciate any and all help!


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