Non domain user - how can I email tasks to my tasks lists?



Hi! I really like the option of sending email to my task list in Asana, but I find it doesn’t work for me because I am a non-domain user for my organization. I have an email address that is specific to the account I work on, and it is different from the domain under which the account is set up - is there a way around this?


When you go to your profile settings > From Email, what do you see? Do you see your email under “emails sent from” and are able to select your Organization under “create tasks & conversations in”?


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That worked!
Thanks so much!


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Glad you said that, that is actually the theme of my upcoming book about Asana “Become an Asana Superhero” :sweat_smile:


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Some things are so intuitive with this and then others…just escape me.


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