Node based views

It would be handy to see tasks in a node based view similar to node based workflows in products like Substance Designer or Nuke. You could easily see task dependencies and relationships. It would make “wiring” tasks easy to visualize. You could quickly connect and disconnect tasks and sub-tasks.

Hi @Dustin_Biddle,

Can you describe a little more fully, or even better perhaps post an image or two, of what you have in mind?

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This a sketch of what I mean. Would have to work out best process etc but this should help visualize the concept.

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Got it, thanks, @Dustin_Biddle!

@lpb, might Asana2Go provide something like this view?

will check it out thanks

Asana2Go does look interesting. I would be helpful to me if you could drag drop users onto or from one task to another, visually create tasks and dependencies and remove or make new connections between users, tasks and projects.

Hi @Dustin_Biddle and thanks @Phil_Seeman,

You can create dependencies visually in Timeline view, and you can drag and drop in a few places, including Workload for assigning/reassigning tasks. (These are Premium and Business features, respectively.)

I agree, a node view would be great, and I imagine Asana would like to get there one day. In the meantime, I offer this (though it’s not a view within Asana):


Hope that helps,


Thanks, will past it around. See if we can upgrade as well.

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