Node-asana new sdk why???


Why have you changed the node sdk? You went for callbacks instead of promises? Cant figure out why you did this change. Gonna be horrible to switch over. Please explain the reason its all changed?

I started to migrate, found a few minor bugs, and decided it was not worth it to update my dozens of scripts :sweat_smile: the syntax is completely different, the search service doesn’t work the same way, that’s a lot of work.

Hi @Jonas_O ,

Thanks for your message.

We recently took on an initiative to automatically generate our SDKs from our OpenAPI spec. This was done with the goals of keeping our SDKs up to date and eventually supporting more languages.

Our recent node SDK v2.0.x releases were generated with callbacks. We’re currently gathering feedback on that version (including callbacks vs promises) and plan to release an update which incorporates that feedback. In the meantime, we’ve updated our documentation to indicate that v2 is still in beta, and we won’t be limiting access to v1.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Let us know if there are other changes you’d like to see in a future release.

@Bastien_Siebman ,

Thanks for letting us know about the bugs you found! Will contact you directly to get details and make sure they will be resolved in our upcoming release. We’re also planning to publish some documentation to help with migration. We plan only to make updates to v2 (including support for new endpoints), but if you have projects which will largely remain the same, it might not make sense to spend the time upgrading.

Ok got it!
Yeha this 2.0 version is so completely different. And alot of stuff that we took for granted in v1 seems to be gone. Like the hold of and retry if rate limit is hit.

Nice to hear that it is in beta though because it looks messy with callbacks and I would prefer promises. I liked the old version of the sdk. It was really easy to work with. Made development fast. I hope you rethink it and go to promises based instead.

Wasn’t it embedded in the code? Are you saying this is gone entirely?