No warning when I'm closing approval task blocked by another task

I have project where approval depends on another task. When I try to close approval task (aprove/reject/demand changes) on the list view, there is no warning that it is blocked by another not completed yet task. Is it a bug?

This warning is shown when I try to do this operation on approval task from Gantt view.
This warning is shown when I try to complete standard task blocked by another task independendly on the view I’m using.

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Hi @AnnaPapiernik :raised_hand:

Yes, I have the feeling that might be a bug, as I couldn’t reproduce it myself (I’m alerted when I’m trying to Approve/Reject an approval task blocked by another task).

Could you please specify your Bug with :

  • Browser version
  • Upload screenshots

@AnnaPapiernik could you please share screenshots illustrating the issue? Thank you!

@Marie @Arthur_BEGOU I did additional testing and the results are recorded. Video attached without voice.
Please note that when I do approval operation on opened approval task, I see the warning message.
When I do the same by clicking the icon on the left site of the approval task name it is just approved, without any warning message.
I observe this issue on both Chrome 111.0.5563.111 and Firefox 111.0.1.


Yes, I can confirm I can reproduce the same issue.
When blocked by a dependency, approval tasks will show an alert message only if completed on in the task details panel (top right), not via the shortcut :white_check_mark: (left side).

@Marie It seems it is some type of bug / unexpected behavior.
Probably because of design, approval tasks are not showing the little sand timer symbol :hourglass_flowing_sand:, then they can be completed directly.

@Bastien_Siebman Interesting case

Seems like a bug to me indeed. :+1:

Hi everyone, thanks for flagging this! I’ve been able to replicate this on my end as well, so I’ve escalated the case to our Developers. I’ll keep you all posted!