[no value set] at the top and not bottom

Hi all,

Is there a way that un-assigned task that come into asana and set as [no value set] can be sorted at the very top of the list, rather than be always listed at the bottom.

Problem is its easily missed new task that come in and set into this [no value set] will be missed if you dont look at the bottom of the task list.


Hello Aleon,

Have you tried to run an advanced search for those tasks, which can be saved as a report. You can refer back to your saved reports on a regular basis to view those tasks and clean up what needs cleaning.


Thanks Katie,
Running a reports bit like going round the houses, and making something simple, complicated.
I hope you agree!

Hopefully there is a simpler way this can happen, will be a bit disappointing such a simple task is not possible to achieve.

Hi Alan,

I’ve set up 6-10 different reports for our team to show various bandwidth, due dates, unassigned tasks, etc. I guess I’m just used to referring to the on a regular basis. Once you have the report saved there is no other set up. Feel free to jump over to the Product Feedback section and browse that area. I know that many people have suggested various ways to sort the My Task section that you can vote on or submit your own.



How can we remove this:


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