No team project template

My team uses custom project templates which I am not able to access. I validated and other team members are seeing them without issue in the same custom project folder (which should be in the image below. Are there specific steps to access shared templates?

I just click the arrow next to the project name and “Convert to Template”. Then I am able to see the template in the above view.

Make sure that you the templates folder is shared with you. I have come across times when an intern has not had it shared so they are unable to see when creating a new project. Hope this helps!

I tried finding how templates can be shared but I found no resources for that. My manager does not know either. Could give me tips on how to do that? My manager and I are probably overlooking something simple.

The best way I have found is to create a team with all the template projects in it and share the team with anyone that would need to access them. A template should be in Asana as a project so you could always share just the project with them as well. The image attached is of the two teams I have that only hold template projects.
Ensure that you convert each of these projects into a template:

In the end , my manager did not have rights to share templates, I had to look to another manager. You were right!

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