No Team Name Shown For Projects In Advanced Search



I have come across a bug in the advanced search feature of Asana.

When adding a project to the ‘in projects’, ‘in all of these projects’, or ‘not in these projects’ fields the autocomplete does not show the team name like it does everywhere else in Asana.

This is incredibly frustrating as it means for projects with the same name (which we have for sprints for different teams) we have to try each one in turn until we guess the correct one for the report we are generating.



@liamthorpeyoung While I concur that this is a very difficult issue I do not believe that Asana considers this a bug. Being fully aware of this I use a 3 or 4 letter prefix to my team names and the associated project so that I know what team they belong to. Here is an example:Naming%20Conventions. I have also implemented this in other organizations to counter the problem. Technically | is an special character to Asana and is converted to a - in the project email address but I like the looks of it and I use my own email program add-in Sendana that accounts for it. It is not a perfect solution but my guess is with just a little editing of your team names it will decrease your pain. More examples,

ACTY| Accounting
MRKT| Marketing
GA| General & Administration
and so on. Hope this helps