No swipe to delete...? This must be a joke

I can’t believe I’m actually asking this question, but has Asana really removed the ability to swipe/slide on a task to delete it on mobile? If so, has the product manager responsible for that decision been fired? How the hell does a company charge premium prices for a project management app that requires a ridiculous amount of fiddling and cumbersome clicking on each and every task just to delete? On iPhone, there are no fewer than FIVE SEPARATE INTERACTIONS required to delete A SINGLE TASK.

(1) Tap to open task

(2) Tap three dot button at top of screen

(3) Scroll down (are you kidding me?)

(4) Tap Delete task

(5) When the “Are you sure?” menu pops up, tap “Yes” and exhale deeply.

This has to be some sort of sick practical joke. Am I missing something?

If this is a real thing and I’m not missing something, could someone please send Asana a how-to guide on user experience? Is the company not aware that on mobile, the most important rule is to empower users to do things with FEWER INTERACTIONS? Are you trying to give us carpal tunnel? Two interactions would be too many to delete a task, BUT FIVE? This defies belief.

Cue the moment where someone tells me that this all because Asana introduced a new grid feature, and that necessitated killing swipe to delete. Except…there’s no swipe to delete even when I turn off the grid on mobile.

Also, in what universe does a project management company decide to kill off the ability to delete tasks quickly and effortlessly? Do you have any idea how productive people use their apps? They add a flurry of tasks and subtasks, brainstorming constantly, and these often need to be deleted.

Honestly, the lack of swipe actions on mobile makes the app feel like it isn’t even finished. I know of no task management or project management app anywhere on the App Store that doesn’t have swipes on tasks. If you find one please let me know so I can post a similarly scathing rant on their forum.


Hi @Benzo and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, we appreciate the details and your candor, and will definitely keep it in mind as we continue working on improvements for our mobile app.

We’ve recently implemented the new Grid view on Mobile and we’re aware that by doing so, we have removed the ability to slide to complete. Rest ensured that we’re looking at options to implement this feature or some replacement for it in the future.

I’ve gone ahead and shared your feedback with our Product Team so it can be considered for future updates, and I’ll be sure to follow-up in the Forum as soon as I have an update on this topic!

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