No subtask indication anywhere on iOS mobile app?

Hi, just started using Asana for work and am noticing that the mobile iOS app doesn’t seem to have any indication whatsoever of whether a task or milestone has any subtasks to it. In the desktop web view there’s a symbol at the end of the task name that makes it clear there are subtasks, and even better: you can expand the task from the list view and see its subtasks without having to click into it. On mobile iOS there doesn’t seem to be either the symbol or the nest/expand feature.

Any ideas? Or any timeline on when this will be doable on mobile? It’s really hurting my ability to plan on the go.

PS this seems to be a similar issue as raised by another user in the post SUBTASK ICON not displaying in List View on Mobile Phone App.

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Hi @Ruben_Martinez, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

I investigated this further and It’s currently not possible to see subtask indication on mobile. We are implementing some updates on mobile at the moment, for example, the new Grid view that allows you to see custom field. I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback to our team so it can be considered in future updates. I also suggest you to upvote for this feature in this thread: The subtask / description arrow indicator on the desktop site should be on the mobile app as well

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this would be a huge help as a large majority of our team will be using asana primarily on their mobile device

This is one of many extremely basic features that the Asana team has failed to implement. Honestly, the company is sort of embarrassing at this point. I’m not sure what their overall corporate strategy is, but they definitely aren’t keeping pace with other apps and their product decisions are increasingly unfathomable. There is no rational reason why this small bit of information—sub tasks—can’t be displayed on mobile. Trello does it on cards without issue. And has for years.