No Sections?

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I am unable to create a section in my lists.

Steps to reproduce:
The instructions in the Asana documentation, here:

Browser version:
Google Chrome 74.0.3729.40 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:
I don’t have any because I cannot figure out how to make a section. I don’t seem to have the choices that are listed in the Asana knowledgebase article.

Does the Tab+N keyboard shortcut work?

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Hi @Charisma_Riley,

We’re currently transitioning toward a new shortcut to create Sections into Asana, so if the semicolon shortcut doesn’t work, it’s probably because our new Tab+N shortcut is already available in your account.

Can you confirm what shortcut you’ve tried to use?

Looking forward to your reply!

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