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Hi - I’m wondering how long a project has to go without a status update before it shows up as “no recent update” in Asana reporting? I’m seeing some projects that haven’t had a status update in over 30 days, which I would expect to count as “no recent update”, but they are instead being reported with their last status (i.e. Green, Yellow, Red). I do see some that have a status update from 6+ months ago that are showing as “no recent update”, but I haven’t been able to find anywhere that defines when exactly a project will count as “no recent updates”

Thanks in advance for your help!

Very good question, have been asking myself this as well. Couple of months from my experience. @Rebecca_McGrath @Emily_Roman do we have a definitive answer on this?

Great question, @Torrie_Adams and @Bastien_Siebman! :slight_smile: When the last status update in a project occurred more than 13 weeks ago, Asana mark it as stale and doesn’t show up on the top bar of the project.

I hope this helps!

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That seems so random :rofl:

Thanks for the answer, Emily. And I agree with Bastien, 13 weeks is a strange choice. It would be great if this were something configurable by team space so that each team could set their own definition of what counts as “recent”. Personally, I would use a much lower number (4 weeks).

I would be very surprised if Asana allowed you to customise (they rarely do) but this is a number you can customise in our Asana reporting tool Asana Pulse if you want to check it out :slight_smile:

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