No loading progress for attachments when open task for the second time (after you close the task)


I will describe the “problem”/feature shortly since I have many things to do until the end of the weekend.
First “problem”/feature described in the title of this topic.
Second, there are steps to reproduce:

  1. Start new task in “boards”
  2. Add few attachments
  3. Close the task before attachments will be loaded
  4. Open task again
  • You will not see the progress but attachments will appear in the task as soon as they’ll be loaded.

Please make loading progress of attachments visible.

Good luck,
Vladimir Minkin


I will add “bug” in the title to bring the attention of the dev team. Thanks for reporting this!


Closing this thread as I can seem to be able to reproduce the issue. Please let me know if you still run into an issue here!