No Due Time in CSV - workaround?

Hey guys,
I thought abour reviving an old topic to get an update on due times in CSV imports. Seems nothing has changed though, so I’m asking for workarounds.

The CSV import works very well for me creating the mayor projects, however (and to get to the topic), I really miss the due time in CSV exports and imports. As we organize trade fairs, I could really use it to make detailed plan of the construction day with subtasks etc., though that is only doable with a ‘due time’ field. I do have 70ish tasks (not including subtasks) on construction day which I organized once already with due times, assignees and everything.

My problem with the asana templates has always been, that I cannot have tasks with due times assigned to people in a template, without the assignees being annoyed by having “template” tasks in their task lists.
A CSV import would do the trick, as it already does for our major projects. We do not assign due times in these, though.

Does anyone have an idea, how I can make a nice template for construction day, which includes assignees, due times, subtasks etc. and to set up the project in Asana all it needs is changing the due date?

I hope I made myself clear, not a native speaker.
Thanks in advance,


@Bastian_G - Welcome back to the forum. :slight_smile: People here have been really helpful to me, so I hope this idea helps at least a little.

Even though I don’t know of a workaround for the CSV import with due times, I tried to think of your team members and how to use the template in a way that wouldn’t bother them. My guess is that the dislike having tasks showing up as due that they aren’t actually supposed to complete.

So, one option might be to create the template and have the due dates five years in the future so that the tasks are never showing up with notifications saying that the due date is approaching or has passed.

Anyway, not a perfect solution, but hopefully that can help you take advantage of the amazing convenience of templates and still keep your team members happy.


Thank you @Bry_ProjectKickstart !

Your suggestion is really helpful, and I am willing to go for it. It lacks a bit style :smiley: , but work-arounds rarely are.

Your help is much appreciated!