New User, filter by non dependent tasks?


So I’m just getting started with Asana, and wanted some input on how to set up. I made 10 projects where each project has 5 tasks, each with 5 subtasks, it’s a content creation job. I do a huge amount of review and so set up a lot of dependent tasks(1 employee generates something, I review it and then another employee works on it, I review that etc etc) . However I can’t find a way to filter by dependencies. So currently I have dozens of tasks, but I will only really have a couple active at a time, and if I just have to pay attention to my inbox, then that’s not even better than the messaging system I was using before. How should I structure this so that it’s easy for me to see at a glance the tasks that require my attention now?


Hi there!

If you’re starting out in Asana I might recommend relying less on subtasks and more on sections and custom fields. Tasks will give you a better at-a-glance view of your work, which can be especially helpful if you’re relying on dependencies.

We have lots of content creation discussion here in the Community. Here are some resources I suggest you review. After you take a look at these, let us know if you want to make updates to your current system and if you have follow up questions. :slight_smile:


Can you define tasks that need your attention now in relationship to using dependencies. I would like to think about Advanced Search with its dependency options along with custom fields in addition to the nice post @Alexis provided you.