New "upgrades" not liking some of them



Changing the color of the Project name was really helpful, i wish you could bring that back. Also the new coloring system SUCKS! what’s with the pastel colors. When I mark something red, i want it to be red. Red for us indicates a high priority job or task. Now that it is pink…it’s not as impactful. We use color coding to determine the status of a project. The colors changed too much.
Another “new feature” that’s been updated for a little longer. We liked that you could see the actual date that a comment was made on a task. Now that you see “29 days ago” i have to open my calendar and count back how many days it was to get the date. It’s very frustrating.


Agree very much on the pastels and the date


Thanks for your feedback @Karen_G and sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Regarding the new tag colors, I would advise you to add your vote to this thread: Tag highlight color.

Regarding the Comments timestamps, I’d recommend creating a specific thread so other forum users can easily find your feedback and upvote it!