New Update - Way to revert back?


Hi fellow Asana users.

Wanted to chat with everyone about this new update that they’ve rolled out today. We are very concerned about this as there seems to be a limit on tasks in the day, we can’t see all the tasks for any given day, and there’s no longer a way to minimize weekends to better view our weekly workload. It also glitches when we try to add a task to a day that’s “full”.

We have tried for the past hour to find a contact phone number or email with no luck, I find this really disappointing as this is a paid service - and we had no say in the update.

Anyone have any luck contacting support or getting back to the Asana before the update that they rolled out today? HELP


Hi. If you need to contact the Asana support team, you can do that here: Just click on ‘I’m having trouble with’, then scroll down to ‘Let’s Talk’.

If you have a paid account, you should also have a customer success contact. Ours always gets back to us the same day and is very helpful.

Good luck!


Hi @Casting! Marie here, your Community Forum Manager.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend checking this post from my colleague Michael regarding the latest calendar update.

In regards with support: we currently don’t offer support via phone, however you can reach our support team by following the path outlined by @Mark_Hudson ( Just click on ‘I’m having trouble with’, then scroll down to ‘Let’s Talk’.). Note that we prioritize premium customer support, so you should get a quick reply!

Hope this helps, but feel free to reach out if you have any follow-up questions!


The URL is not accessible to me. @Marie, can you check?


Hi @Myroslav_Opyr! Since we have rolled back this update, this post was deleted to avoid any confusion, that explains why you can’t see it anymore! I will close this one too to avoid any confusion in the future! Hope this helps! :slight_smile: