New! Track time on your Tasks in Asana ⏱

I really need the estimated and actual time fields to be searchable via the advanced search. How can a core field like this not be included?

In the past I had a custom integer column to estimate the number of minutes a task would take, and a recurring task to use an advanced search to locate any orphaned tasks that didn’t have a time estimate in place. I want to completely migrate to the new estimated time field (because the hour/minutes break down is much better than having to calculate the hours by dividing the total of number of minutes in my head by 60). In order to migrate, I need to be able to stills search across all projects for tasks that are incomplete and don’t have an estimated time in place.


@Team_MVP_Management +1

Does anyone know if there will be an integration with TSheets with Quickbooks (Desktop Pro)? Hoping to find a solution to integrate Asana with Quickbooks so staff doesn’t have to track things twice (Asana and timesheet). Thanks

Some of our clients (Digital Agency’s) would like to have the possibility to add more information at each time stamp so they can export it and give a reporting towards their client.
@Marie Is there any chance this is coming into Asana or do they have to work with a 3rd party tool like Everhour?
If anyone knows something else to get this done, please let us know :slight_smile:

Yet another mobile write support update request. When is this slated for?

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Hello there,

We hope you’re enjoying the new time-tracking feature in Asana; thanks for sharing your use cases, tips, and best practices over the last few weeks; we’re so excited to see how this new feature enables you to keep better track of your time.

We would also like to send all customers who have shared feedback on this feature. This is the first version of time tracking in Asana, and we’re committed to continue developing it in the future - so your feedback is incredibly important. On this note, I’m excited to share a few updates that we recently pushed to Asana:

Sort Actual Time on List and Board view

We recently launched New: multi-sort, multi-filter and reverse sort on List and Board views! and create a new sort option allowing you to Sort your List and board projects by Actual Time in both ascending and descending order! And in case you wondered, you can also sort your tasks by Estimated Time

Capture d’écran 2023-04-04 à 15.10.26

Actual Time in Advanced Search

With this update, you can search for Actual Time in Advanced Search and can specify the search criteria in HH:MM format with the following options:

  1. “Equal to”
  2. “Less than”
  3. “Greater than”
  4. “Between”
  5. “With any value”
  6. “With no value”

Note that Estimated time was supported in Advanced Search.

gif time in advanced search

Actual Time in CSV import

You can now represent a list of tasks into a project or create a new project using a CSV for tasks/ projects that have Actual Time field.

  1. The following formats are supported:
  2. HH:MM
  3. __hr __min
  4. __h __m
  5. numbers (i.e. 20, 4, 4.5, 4.21, etc.) will be treated as hours

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below :slight_smile:


ping @Julien_RENAUD and @Arthur_BEGOU who follow this feature closely at iDO :hugs:


Dear Marie,
I really like time tracking feature.
It will be extremely useful some reporting improvement to have a real timesheet (date, project X, actual time).

Any update on when these fields will be editable in the mobile app?

This feature does not help a workforce that uses the mobile app as their primary data entry tool.

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hi @lpb ,

I know the post and the announcement. But unfortunately until today it is not possible to export the times to a .csv. I have also not been able to find anything concrete about this in the documentation. But maybe I have overlooked it.


I just tested and successfully exported times in a project’s tasks to csv as documented here Time tracking in Asana • Asana Product Guide but if not working for you, try Asana supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and then report to



Hi everyone,

I currently have access to an Enterprise account, but do not see the time-tracking pop-up as an option in the ‘customize’ tab. I’m relatively new to the platform, and unsure who to direct this issue to.

Does anybody have any recommendations?


Hi @Temi_de_Groen , welcome to the forum :wave:

You can refer to the Asana Guide article here
Let us know if you run into any issues!

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Thank you Richard!

I reviewed the article, but when I open the ‘customize’ tab as is shown there, time tracking does not show up as an option. Neither doe it when I click to add a custom field.

Please let me know if there are any additional resources you could share on this!


Hi Temi, are you an actual member of the Enterprise organisation or perhaps a guest user within their Asana instance? If you are a guest you will not be able to create custom fields.

I can’t think of why else you are not seeing this option in the Customize panel :thinking:
Would be great if you could share a screen shot, but make sure to hide any sensitive info!


In the Admin console > Security, you can disable time tracking. That’s probably it :slight_smile:


I see that below, someone added the suggestion it might be because it was disabled by an administrator! I’m following up with our admin to confirm this. Thanks again!

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I’m not sure if this issue was raised but Asana will not roll-up the subtask estimate time when the subtask count is more than 30 (on the List view and even in the task view it errors out with that message of max subtasks reached) which I desperately need fixed to a higher limit. Screnshots below. I review drug shortages as a use case and these are always recurring tasks reviewed at least weekly and can stretch over 1+ years. Ideally maybe 200 subtasks for a max? I don’t really want to duplicate a task and start over from 0 as I then have to merge parameters such as estimate tasks and copy over all notes which is not feasible when the notes can be very long. Also, any templates that are built using more than 30 subtasks will immediately fail to sum which I imagine is a common use case among users. Not sure why the math “engine” on here can’t handle a higher load :confused:




Thanks, @Brock_Taylor, for finding this limitation (@Richard_Sather…another one).

I, too, am prevented now from using time tracking, which I’d like to switch to. I can’t consider it unless the limit is lifted or greatly raise as Brock suggests.



@Brock_Taylor , @lpb , this seems to be an issue which applies to any number-type custom field, including time tracking.

I see that this has also been reported here, I just tested it!
Indeed strange behaviour when also adding the sorting into the ‘mix’…

I’ve added this to 4.9 in :1234: List of technical and data limitations