New to Asana, question on paid plans & privacy


moving from Omnifocus, as Asana has team collaboration, 2 businessses and also will move my personal stuff into here too.

First question, if I pay for 1 user (to begin with), on the premium pricing plan, is this connected to me, a workspace or an organistaiton. Example, If i want the full premium features and have 3 workspaces, is this going to cost x3 per month, or does the premium cost cover an unlimited number of workspaces…

Second question, if I have a personal ‘workspace’ for all non business related stuff. and have a fairly large personal project that i am working on with a friend, how can i share the particular project to them without sharing all of my personal unrelated projects with them also.

I am Dr Evil so need to keep my evil personal projects private for nobody to see

on a serious note, all opinions welcome this is starting to feel like a big project in itself, just moving over from OF to here…


5 user minimum purchase! :angry:

If you don’t have additional people within a Team and only invite them into specific projects, they can only see those projects. Team members can see all projects unless you create a private project.


thanks, the marketing stated £4.99 per user per month so started to move from OMNIFOCUS for the collaboration feature. Just learned it’s minimum 5 users so that’s £25 per month, it’s a startup so will find a different app, more than £250 a year for 2 users for a project management tool is out our budget for sure!