New to Asana project management


Our small nonprofit organization is new to Asana. A few staff members with many program areas and projects within each. What is the difference in setting up as an Organization versus a Workspace?


Hi Tom, you can learn about the differences between Workspaces and Organizations here -

The basic difference is that Workspaces are geared towards individuals, while Organizations are for companies and users with the same business email domain.

Hope his helps!


In addition to the important distinction about email domain that Drew points to, another big difference I find between Workspaces and Organizations is that the latter gives you the option to have “Teams” as an additional hierarchical level of structure. I.e. with a Workspace you have only:
Workspace -> Projects
whereas with an Organization you can have:
Organization -> Teams -> Projects

You may or may not need that extra level, but using an Organization gives you that option.