New template builder: Not possible to multi home tasks to other project templates


With the new email template builder, it’s not possible anymore to multi-home 1 task in several templates. In the legacy template builder, it was possible to multi-home 1 task (for example a project kick-off task) in several project templates.

This is a missing feature in the new template builder because now I have 5 separated (identical) tasks for my 5 templates. This means that if I want to change something to the kick-off task (which is the same for all my projects) I need to do it 5 times. So I lose some efficiency here.



To be honest I believe it will never be available, or not for a long time, because of the fact that templates v2 are not “projects” anymore…

Reminder: I don’t work for Asana and just base my opinion on experience as an Asana user + product builder.

I’ll second @Thomas_D 's complaint and raise his very pleasant, even-keeled concern to full passionate, grievance! :hot_face:

This is an incredibly frustrating problem for my company. We have 30+ templates that repurpose the same/similar 100’s of tasks in multiple templates… This will cause a significant amount of double-work to manage. :frowning:

We’re going to have to create a separate spreadsheet to keep track of all of the tasks with identical assignees/titles/descriptions/custom fields and their many newly separated homes in order to know exactly which templates are affected in order to seek each of the tasks out and update them individually. (And adding insult to injury, the template tasks cannot even be searched for or filtered! Ack!)

If there’s any possibility of re-adding this functionality, please please please consider doing so (and quickly)!!

p.s. To add fuel to the fire, the way to find and edit a template now is very cumbersome.

p.p.s. @Bastien_Siebman - I sincerely hope you’re not right! :frowning:

FYI I started a summary thread in the hope that it raises concerns and Asana stops the forced migration Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

Hi @Thomas_D,

I hope you don’t mind, I just edited your title here to add “to other project templates” to make it clearer. One CAN multi-home a template task to other PROJECTS, but not, as you say, to other TEMPLATES. I just wanted to make that clear for readers.