New teams missing options in tasks.

My account is at a premium level. I started with one team. After upgrading the plan, asana allowed me to build additional teams, but the new tasks under those teams’ projects are missing: effort, priority, and status tabs. I also heard that there is a “value” ($) tab that was supposed to come with my upgraded plan…

I tried reaching out to asana, but conversations drag out for weeks and they are not talking the beginner language.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

When you first set up your account, did you use an outside email like gmail, yahoo, etc.? (This would have created a workspace.) Or have you always used your business domain emails ( thus creating an organization? Workspaces and organizations are structured and function differently.

It sounds like you might be in a free organization with a paid team. (This happened to us when we converted from a workspace into an organization.) If this is the case, only the one team will have the paid features, all other teams fall under the “free organization” plan.

To fix it, we had to have Asana sales support move our paid plan over the whole organization so all teams and all members would have the same features and capabilities. I realize it is a process to get support with these things and perhaps someone else in the community found a way to do it themselves, but that was the only way our company was able to get resolution.

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Thank you. Sounds like we fell into the same trap, our transition looked the same.

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