New tasks automatically add an older date

Every time I add a new task, it populates with a date from the past in red; usually about one week in the past. Any idea why this is happening and now to fix it?

Hi @Kristin_Holmes, assuming you are on a Premium or Business account, it sounds like you (or someone else on the project) may have a rule running that sets any new task with a due date of -7 days… perhaps (!?), although I can’t think why someone would want to run a rule like that :wink:

Check the ‘Rules’ button on the right side of the top bar, next to ‘Fields’ so see what might be causing this and then simply deactivate it.

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Hi I’m not on the business or premium - we just have about 5 users. I don’t see a rules button on my version.

Hi @Kristin_Holmes
That is very weird. The only time I have seen that before is when using repeating tasks with subtasks.
Can you outline the steps you are following to create the task and if possible some screenshots.


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Okay…I’ll take some screen shots tomorrow. Thanks.


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